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BRIKETO tile stickers were created in Chile, that long stretch of land down in South America.  We are a group of dedicated designers and entrepreneurs excited to bring color and innovation to your living and working spaces.  We are very passionate and proud about what we do.

We invite you to renew and improve your environment with BRIKETO tiles designed in various patterns, styles and colors. Combine the different designs to create a unique atmosphere. BRIKETO tile stickers can be applied on ceramics, wood, glass, or porcelain, or just any smooth surface and they can be easily removed without damaging the previous surface.

BRIKETO tile stickers are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and mildly humid areas, and can be cleaned with a humid cloth or sponge.  

We stand for our products and want to make sure you are completely satisfied.  Your feedback and suggestions will be appreciated.

Why spend thousands of dollars when you can use BRIKETO tile stickers without having a mess or hiring professional help.  You can do it yourself!!


BRIKETO tile stickers have been carefully designed matching colors that will bring life and harmony to your spaces.

BRIKETO tile stickers are fun to decorate and apply, they are like the homeowners LEGOs.  Enjoy using them with family and friends.

Our transparent tile stickers allow you to decorate glass and windows so you can give color to the surface without blocking light go through.

BRIKETO tile stickers have an optimal size to work with, allowing you adhere and correct as many times as necessary until you get that perfect fit.   They are very easy to stick as well as remove.

Are you unhappy with the decoration of the property you rent, but don´t want to invest money in a place is not yours?  BRIKETO tile stickers let you do just that, and when you are ready to go you can just peel them off and leave it just the way it was before.

BRIKETO tile stickers are made of high resistant vinyl and if you install and maintain them properly they will last for years.  Each set contains 12 units of 6x6 inch tiles which cover a total surface area of 3 square feet.

BRIKETO tile stickers let you redecorate or give a touch to your smooth surfaces everywhere.  Forget about the mess and costs of changing your ceramic tiles, just peel them and stick them wherever you please.  If after a while you feel like making a new change, just peel them off and try a new design.

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