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Beautiful Peel and Stick Flooring: Transform your space from dull to stunning in a mere hour! Our floor tile stickers cover existing smooth surface flooring in rich colors and patterns to bring personality to your home!

Durable for High Traffic Areas: A scratch-resistant, anti-slip and waterproof protective finish ensures these stick on tile decals withstand years of use. Great for kitchen and bathroom floors, so make your tile new again! Easy installation with smooth coverage over grout lines.

Fast Application with Easy to Remove Backing: Simply peel, position and apply pressure. If you’ve made a mistake, lift and re-position. Cut with standard scissors or utility knife. No additional adhesive needed.

Damage Free Removal with No Residue:  Perfect for rentals! Or, protect your home’s high quality flooring and finishes from pets and young children, then remove when you’re ready.

Large 13” x 13” Size: Quickly renovate your home with our exciting and colorful designs! Turn tables and dressers into art! Create a gorgeous accent wall! See our vast collection of removable artistic decals!

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